Location & approach

Carona, belonging to Lugano, is located 7 km from the main metropolis of Lake Lugano. The 1000-year-old village can be reached by car in just 15 minutes. The Postbus 434 leaves every hour from Lugano city center to Carona and takes just 25 adventurous, winding minutes including through the narrowest Postbus tunnel passageway in the world. If you arrive by train, get off at Paradiso and take Postbus 434. After 15 minutes you are already in Carona. Lugano is easily accessible from the airports Lugano-Agno, Milano-Malpensa, Milano-Linate, and Milano / Bergamo. Milan is the hub of cheap airlines, for example, EasyJet, Ryanair and, numerous other international airlines.

Calina Guesthouse
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CH-6914 Carona
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